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Elite Optels India began its successful and milestone journey in 1995 when it was founded and established by Mr. Ravi Shah, Elite's longstanding and actively envisioned General Manager. Through his driven dedication and expertise Elite continued to grow and expand into more than a mere lighting product sales point reaching its new milestone in 1999 by implementing its philosophy of EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT USE OF LIGHTING AND LIGHT. More Lighting experts, designers, engineers and industry oriented personnel started to join into Elite and create this proffessional team of lighting specialists and manufacturers.

By 2004, Elite finally becomes one of the leading Architectural lighting production manufacturer specialising in the retail and commercial sector. More expansions were executed in 2006, into new markets which consequently led to the opening of a brand new showroom space in Delhi. More than 500 square meters of showroom providing over 2500 square meters of floor area with 10 meter ceilings. This creates a newly satisfying and outstanding service to Elite's new and existing customers and distributors. This latest facility represents the new cornerstone for Elite Optel's globalisation.

Along with its progressive accession to new and attractive markets and with over 25 new distributors established in India, Elite Optels India continues its commitment to providing the industry with dedicated quality and design of lighting fixtures and equipments.

Elite Optels India


Established in Delhi in1995, since then Elite has dedicated itself to the lighting industry and has worked with some of the most important Architects, Designers, Developers and Lighting manufactures in the world.

Today Elite Optels is a leading Lighting company with internationally designed and engineered lighting products at affordable and highly competitive prices and of the highest quality.

Elite Optels dedicates itself to the demands of clients and projects requirements always taking the design, quality and engineering value as well as innovations in the industry as its leading components.


Through its 25 years of continuous and improved quality achievements Elite has recognised the importance of not only innovative and quality design and productions but also of the experienced directorship, staff and team members that share Elite's drive, passion and vision.

Lighting Designers, Architects, Engineers, Marketers, Productions Managers, Directors and Suppliers who are part of the Elite Optels team all integrate their own experience and dedication to the Lighting Industry and market in order to produce and provide the Elite Optels systems in the best manner possible.

Elite Optels team not only truly cares for the products and services that they deliver but are also extremely proud to be part of Elite.Passion, Vision and Experience - these are the ingredients of Elite Optels successful journey of European design and quality lighting production and engineering at affordable and highly competitive prices.Elite Optels India invites you to join the ever-growing family of World Class and innovative Lighting System.

Elite Optels India
Elite Optels India


Lighting Design and Lighting Product Engineering is the continuous Pioneering Vision that Elite Optels always strives to achieve.

The future of Lighting is never far away and Elite Optels intends to maintain its centre point position of the highest quality and design. Not only by the use of the most advanced materials and technologies but also by maintaining its standard and streamlining its product ranges as time goes on.

Light, Design, Colour and Client Satisfaction is Elite's vision of turning darkness into Light now and in the future years to come with continuous expansion. Elite's Vision is to deliver all the quality, innovation and design requirement but at prices for all the world industries and markets.